New Comer
24 8月 2023

I spent little time with my parents throughout my whole growth, less communication, long being alienated, thereby giving rise to a sense of staying in middle of nowhere. Every time when confronted with the built-in family issue, I would intend to shun away instinctively.

In March 2020, I moved to Hangzhou to get rid of the anxieties as well as for career. There, I got well paid and gained inner peace eventually, but later the routine of job bored me beyond bearing. Out of the basic instinct as a photographer, I decided to explore the similar void of mind state among young people like me scattered in different cities, to see their faces as well as check over my deep self-doubt. Therefore, I post my personal photo project “New Comer” in Weibo, twitter-like social media in mainland China, and received more than 40 applicants.

Before shooting, I predicted their inner drives to different cities: career, money, emotion issue, or just escaping family. In the process of shooting and communicating with them, I found my predictions well fit, but the point is that even I share a lot with most of them, I am still touched by every each individual, his or her willingness to thrive, trying to gain redemption in ways positive, or negative.